Website AnalyticsThese WordPress plugins will help you manage your site stats and more.



  1. Jetpack

    Made exclusively for WordPress, Jetpack is a free plugin that lets you track daily users, web and mobile visitors, traffic, and more. You can also track and remove spam comments on your posts and pages.

  2.  Google Analyticator

    If you love Google Analytics, this plugin is for you. You can put JavaScript code that will help GA better track your site. You also have access to features like displaying your visitor statistics witha widget, translating local languages, tracking site speed, and more.

  3. Simple Feed Stats

    This plugin tracks and gives you reports on your feeds, on top of providing you with a plethora of customization options to personalize the data you obtain. It also lets you customize your feed using CSS as well as track
    subscribers, browsers, and time stamps for more accurate analytics.

  4. WP Power Stats

    This lightweight plugin will keep track of pageviews, types of devices used, referrers, browsers, operating systems, geographical data, and search queries.

  5. WassUp Real Time Analytics

    This is a very useful plugin for those who want to keep an eye on the activity of visitors. It alsoshows you which visitor is online and what are they up to from which location. Two spam-detecting functions
    are present in this plugin as well.

  6. W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats

    This plugin requires you to sign up for a free account at

    In order to set it up, but it will give you analytics for new users from a Bootstrap-powered analytics dashboard. It lists new arrivals at your websi
    te, which are identified through time stamps and country flags, and even tells you how many people are currently reading your pages in real time.

  7. WP Statistics

    This simple, easy to use plugin has its own way of collecting, generating, and informing you about the blog statistics. It will tell you GeoIP location of your users by country, which pages are most popular, and who is
    visiting your site in real time.

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