If you’ve been struggling to get online reviews, it can be tempting to pay customers to leave one. Don’t do it.

Yes, reviews of your company have a significant impact on how many new customers you receive. So it seems only natural to do whatever it takes to get them. Unfortunately, what many businesses don’t realize is that paying for a review can have serious consequences on their reputation.

The reason consumers look at business reviews is because they’re looking for an unbiased, true reflection of what to expect if they choose to buy from the company. If it’s discovered your business has paid for reviews, it eliminates consumer trust.

Losing consumer trust is damaging enough in itself, but did you know fake or paid reviews could also be illegal? If you’re found guilty of faking your reviews, your business could be either be hit with a huge fine, or it could even be shut down.

Paying for fake or positive reviews isn’t just misleading to the consumer, but it can skew your ability to get real insight on your products and services. The whole purpose of receiving reviews is so you get an idea of how happy customers are with your business. Real, honest reviews give you the opportunity to know what you should be doing differently and which aspects of your business your customers are happy with.

The implications of paid reviews are devastating for companies so you need to ask yourself whether it’s worth the risks. You may benefit in the short term, but in the long term it could cause significant damage to your reputation.

There’s no reason to pay for something that you could probably get simply just by asking your happy customers. Don’t know where to start? Contact me and I’ll help you discover the best ways to encourage genuine, positive reviews that will boost your reputation and your profits.

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