Have you ever seen the star ratings shown by Google when you carry out a search?

Not all companies listed in search results have stars, which means searchers tend to be drawn to the ones that do. Why? Because it gives reassurance that the company can be trusted.

In fact, star ratings are the #1 initial factor consumers consider when judging a business. If you don’t have any star ratings listed, you’re going to lose out to your competitors that do.

Your company could literally have the BEST product or service in the world. But without any reviews, most consumers will probably overlook your business.

In other words, there’s a natural physiological component that helps listings with stars get the most attention. Since the average eye is naturally drawn to star rated listings, you’ll experience a significant increase in your click-through rates.

As more potential customers flock to your website, search engines see this as a positive sign and in turn boost your ranking. So star ratings have both a direct and an indirect effect on your rankings.

It’s already a known fact that companies that have the most and best reviews show up higher in the search results. So as long as you’re encouraging your customers to leave reviews for your business, you will see an increase in your rakings naturally over time if most of them are positive.

If you’re ready to increase brand confidence, gain attention, increase click-through rates, and stand out from your competitors, star-rated customer reviews are key.

You already have enough to deal with in the day to day running of your business, so why stress over ratings when you don’t have to? Contact me to see how I can help.

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