MoreCustomersSo you’re ready to start designing your website so you can get it up and running live and bringing even more customers to your business. But wait. Before you can start worrying about images, functions and all the other bells and whistles you want, you first have to consider what the actual purpose of your website is.

Yes, that may be to bring in more customers and increase your company’s bottom line. In fact, this is the purpose most business owners have in mind when they first start thinking about creating a website. But you clearly can’t put that on your homepage. You need to think about what your customer wants, and what you want your customer to get out of the site in the first place.

Is this a place you’ll be sending them for more information? Or do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter? Are you going to use it mainly as a product demonstration with lots of videos? Or do you simply want a place customers can go to interact with you and other customers? Knowing this is important because it will provide the backbone of your site and will help when it comes to designing the layout for the rest of your site.

So wait a minute before you start writing out page after page for your website. If they don’t fall in line with your ultimate purpose, they really have no business being on your website.

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