Facebook Advertising HelpFacebook ads are just that: ads that appear on Facebook. They can include an image, video, headline, body copy, URL and call to action.

Facebook ads are quickly becoming one of the most preferred methods of online advertising for business owners. Not only are they very easy to set up and affordable to create and run, but they can also bring many benefits that other forms of advertising just can’t.

The biggest benefit Facebook ads hold for businesses is that they can target in a super focused audience that other methods of advertising just can’t. Facebook uses information from other user’s profile pages to target in on their interests, age, sex, and location. When more options are added, the more targeted the audience is.

And when business owners can set up a lookalike audience from an existing audience they know are already engaging with their content and/or products and services, businesses have even more audiences that are extremely targeted.

Facebook ads are a great tool for all businesses to use, but because of this highly specialized targeting, they’re particularly useful to small local businesses that are trying to attract new customers that may be right outside their door.

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