Finding a great influencer to make use of in your campaign may motivate you to start flooding them with content. Using this method, though, it is likely that you simply won’t see results. Instead of going full force, start with researching your newfound influencer. Understand the type of content they usually share, and once you have figured this out, take the time to produce the content you now know is likely to be shared.

Choose the best Influencers

While the possibility of getting a social media share from Brad Pitt may seem appealing, making this your focus won’t usually pay off. You need to focus on influencers who people actually see as professionals in a field. In lieu of choosing Taylor Swift for her fashion savvy, for instance, focus on an actual fashion designer. Not only do people actually admire their expertise, you will also find that they are a great deal more accessible.

Do Your Homework on Influencers

Once you have found an appropriate influencer for your industry, your first tendency may be to instantly start tweeting your blogs and articles to them. This crass tactic, though, will not usually have great outcomes. Instead, take the opportunity to look at this influencer. Look at the style of things they usually share, and using that information, build great content that is more likely to raise their attention.

Create the Rapport

While it is also possible that an influencer will share your articles even though they have never heard of you, it’s pretty unlikely. You need to first build rapport with this thought leader. Take the time to comment, share and even analyze things the influencer posts. Do this frequently and you will get noticed. The rapport you build will heighten the chance of getting a little public attention from the thought leader.

If you aren’t using influencer marketing in your advertising and marketing practices, it is time to make a shift. Whenever you can obtain the respect of an industry thought leader, you will gain the respect of all those that follow them.

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