The Secret Customer Getting Formula - Retainer
The Secret Customer Getting Formula - Retainer
This is a Retainer to to set up an ongoing marketing campaign. There will be a monthly maintenance fee + monthly ad spend (total montly =$550.)

Customer Getting MachineAttract new customers…. Increase revenue…. Get daily visibility and exposure….

We’ve truly created a sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis for your business. It’s like your own personal customer getting machine. 



How Much Does This Whole Thing Cost?

How much does it cost to have a customer getting machine sitting out there 24x7x365 scouring the community around your business for just the right prospective customers, enticing them to come into your business, with their friends to spend money?

Right now you pay $250 as a retainer. This kicks off the project where I go build the infrastructure (set up facebook advertising, facebook fan pages, create landing pages, thank you pages, coupons, coupon redemption systems, reporting systems all branded with your business colors and logo)

Once that part is complete, I’ll show it all to you and get your approval. (if you are unhappy for any reason at this point, i’ll give your $250 back and we’ll part ways, no hard feelings)  Assuming you are happy you’ll pay another $300 which I will use to prime the pump and start the machine. (This is the ad spend used for “Targeted” web traffic we’ll push into the machine we’ve just built for you)

You’ll try the whole thing out for 30 days. If you see no ROI, you are welcome to ask for your money back.

You can cancel any time you like. If you are unhappy at any time within the first 30 days you are welcome to your money back and we’ll part ways no hard feelings.

* (money back does not include Facebook ad spend)

Assuming you are happy with the results, just sit back and relax. There will be a monthly cost for you of $550, I’ll keep maintaining the machine, and pushing prospective customers into the sales funnel. You’ll see paying customers come out the other side resulting in profit above and beyond the monthly cost. From there it’s just rinse & repeat and keep going as long as you keep seeing positive ROI.

How it works

How do I know this will work for "MY Particular Business"??

Hands Down….The Secret Formula works best for businesses that have a liquor license. When the birthday boy and his friends start spending money on drinks, that’s where you see ‘EASY PROFIT

This is not to say it wouldn’t work for a restaurant without a liquor license. Birthday customers are the best kind of customers you can get in a restaurant. Because they often bring their friends and often buy more than usual. You just need to make sure your staff recommends things from your menu to the birthday crowd.

How is this different?

If you have ever had or considered Having a birthday club then you know it can have tremendous benefits for your business. However:

As you also know…. it’s an additional responsibility that needs constant attention and management. Unless you have an appointed staff to properly manage your birthday club, routinely enter new sign ups

into your database, track the responsiveness of your marketing, and keep your marketing collateral updated (which can get expensive), then having a birthday club can go south quick. Having a regular old birthday club sucks rocks!

For this reason I recommend you create a new Birthday Club 2.0  as opposed to a regular old birthday club.

With Birthday Club 2.0 you can just sit back and relax as our system does all the work. Our system is constantly targeting customers who live within 15 miles of your business who have a birthday coming up in a few days.

Birthday Club 2.0:

  • Entices them with the offer of a free meal or service
  • Invites them to bring their friends who will pay for their meals (Which is where you make your money).
  • After they click on the ad to find out about their free meal. We place a targeting pixel on their computer so that your incentive offer will show up as they visit other websites across the internet. This is called Retargeting (Its a cool new marketing tactic)

    After your prospect accepts your incentive, Birthday Club 2.0 will:

  • make sure he gets there by sending him three automated (eMail and SMS Text Message) reminders before his birthday so he doesn’t forget to bring his friends and celebrate his birthday in your establishment.
  • These reminders greatly increase the chances that they will show up to redeem your offer.
  • It also sends you a notification of the new sales lead so you’ll know when to expect your next birthday party to show up in your restaurant.
  • We also have the opportunity to automatically follow up with them after the event. (ask them to come back, offer another coupon, or leave reviews for your business online etc.)
  • we are generating a list of good qualified prospects for your business who you can market to over and over again in the future. (you know what they say about the power of a good customer list)

What is required of me?

Responsibilities of Restaurant, Bar, Funplex owner:

The incentive for Birthday Club 2.0 is a “Free Meal” or Free “Something” for the Birthday Boy who is required by the terms of the offer to bring at least one friend who will purchase a “Something” of equal or greater value. The hope is that he will bring more than one friend who will also order various menu items which is where you make your money. (Average spend per party seems to work out to about $78 per party)

So you have 3 responsibilities:

  1. provide the incentive (something that will compel them to come into your business and celebrate their birthday with you) it can’t be just a minimal offer or it won’t work. (eg: if you were the customer, and you were being offered 10% off your purchase would you feel compelled to gather your friends and get them all together to spend their money just so you could get 10% off a meal somwhere? not likely.. now if you were getting a free meal, and you could entice your friends with free desserts, that could easily fire your interest enough to do this thing) Now you’ll go down get your free meal and your friends will spend enough money to make the difference for the restaurant owner and he’ll be happy too. win-win. You are providing something valuable to them to celebrate this important time in their life. The more generous the offer, the better it’s going to perform.  This will get people talking about your restaurant. This is powerful. we’re increasing the life time value of your customer. 
  2. Recognize the birthday boys and girls and provide their free “something” and welcome them to celebrate their birthday in your establishment.
  3. Keep paying the monthly maintenance fee and fund your Facebook ad spend. to keep the flow of new Birthday customers coming through your doors

I will keep running the campaign, driving traffic to the offer, and sending you traffic reports so you can keep track of the numbers and verify your ROI for the system (I will send you a paypal link that will enter you into a subscription arrangement with me and will automatically charge your credit card every month).

You can cancel any time you like. If you are unhappy at any time within the first 30 days you are welcome to your money back and we’ll part ways no hard feelings. * (money back does not include Facebook ad spend)


What does the signup form look like?

I want to see a functional demo
What about the people who sign up, but don't show up for their meal?

How can I tell if this is working? what's my ROI?

The amount you spent on the ad divided by the clicks to link the ad received equals CPC (cost per click)

EXAMPLE: $421.84 / 1,416  = $0.30 CPC

Leads Total Spent divided by Total Leads equals CPL (Cost per lead)

EXAMPLE: $421.84 / 299 leads = $1.41 CPL

TCS (total cost spent divided by TCA (total customers acquired)  equals CAC (customer acquisition cost)

EXAMPLE: $421.84 / 150 = $2.81 CAC

I will eMail you monthly numbers you can use to plug into the formula. Below is a sheet you can print out to have at the register to keep track of your customers that come in to redeem the free birthday meal coupons.

ROI Tracking Sheet

6 Reasons Why You Should Jump On This
  1. HIGHEST TRANSACTION CUSTOMER: according to the National Restaurant Association, an average birthday patron spends $78 per table.
  2. GOODWILL: patrons that dine with you on their birthday bring good will & upbeat energy to your restaurant. It keeps your establishment happier!
  3. GROUPS: birthday guest seldom dine alone on their birthday and often times they brings groups of friends and family to celebrate with them. The average birthday table is 3-4 people.
  4. LOW HANGING FRUIT: more than 55% of all Americans eat out on their birthday. Why not capitalize on what would be lost revenue?
  5. REVENUE MULTIPLIER: The power of just one more visit can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Just think how having multiple customers dine with you on a daily basis choosing to celebrate at your restaurant instead of your competitor.
  6. Your competition is reading this too. I sent the same mailer out to lots of businesses in your zip code.

In addition to the tedious work it requires to run an INTERNAL birthday club, a common concern we hear from restaurant owners is the need to attract NEW customers and not just provide discounts and specials to existing customers who may already have intentions on celebrating their birthday with their restaurant without having to provide a discount.

Recently, we’ve been having great success with a new beta program we created called Birthday Marketing. Our program helps local restaurants get more new customers on an ongoing basis. Our system allows us to geographically target thousands of people on a daily basis whose birthday is in the next 7 days within a 10 mile radius of your restaurant! We then send these customers to your restaurant to celebrate their special day.

Since we are confident in our approach, we practice exclusivity. Meaning, we only work with a limited amount of restaurants per geographic region to maintain the effectiveness of our program.

“We Drive The Most Qualified Leads To Your Business. You Ensure They Show. Its A Win-Win”

We’ve truly created a sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis to your restaurant. If you can benefit from a steady flow of new customers, and would like to be the exclusive restaurant we deploy our birthday system with, then make sure to proceed to the next step below to learn if having a external birthday club is a good fit for your restaurant. Our EXTERNAL Birthday club is the most hands off, passive, hassle free way to increase your revenue and drive new customers into your restaurant daily. Click the button below to learn more. We go over our detailed exact process of how we target 1000’s of birthday guest every day.

If I don't like this thing, can I have my money back?

You can cancel any time you like. If you are unhappy at any time within the first 30 days you are welcome to your money back and we’ll part ways no hard feelings.

* (money back does not include Facebook ad spend)

Slide Show Presentation About The Secret Formula


BID: What you’re willing to pay. It does not mean you will pay that amount

CUSTOM AUDIENCE: are essentially groups of people on facebook. Facebook allows you to “Target” specific audience with your advertising on Facebook. EXAMPLE OF CUSTOM AUDIENCE: All the people who have “Liked” a particular page. or if you are using retargeting pixels, All the people who have visited your website.

VIDEO VIEW: Total times your video was viewed for 3 seconds or more.

CONVERSION: Completed actions performed by your prospects or visitors. EXAMPLE: Filling out a form, buying something

IMPRESSIONS: Number of times your ad was served

COST PER 1000 IMPRESSIONS (CPM): Amount you pay for every 1000 impressions of your ad

COST PER CLICK (CPC): The amount paid per ad click. Average CPC is calculated by total cost for ad divided by total clicks.

TOTAL REACH: Total number of people your ad has the possibility of being served to.

CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost




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