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The Perfect Landing PageA landing page is a special web page your potential website visitors arrive at after clicking on an advertisement or a search-engine result link.

This type of web page is special because it typically displays content which is a relevant extension of the advertisement or the link with which your prospect has engaged. Typically it is free of distractions (links or irrelevant information) common to other pages on your website that might direct the prospect’s attention from his purpose for being there (buying your stuff or signing up for something).

Buried somewhere in a marketing textbook is this thing called A.I.D.A. which describes how prospects move through a series of stages when making purchase decisions. AIDA says that prospects start in a “thinking” stage then progressing to a “feeling” stage, finally peaking with a “Doing” stage (e.g. purchase or trial) stage. Its a natural process that all prospects make their way through in one way or another to become your customers.

Get your landing page designed by a professional web developer with 20 years experience. 


Landing Page Retainer
Landing Page Retainer
This is a retainer for a project to create a landing page for your product or service
How much effort is required on my part?

How much effort is required on my part to use this tool?

What is AIDA?

AIDA stands for:

Attention – prospect becomes aware of your product or service

Interest – prospect becomes interested by learning about your product or service and how it fits with their wants/needs

Desire – prospect develops a favorable disposition towards your product or service

Action – prospect forms a purchase intention, shops around, engages in trial or makes a purchase

Your landing page leads your prospect through these stages and is usually “optimized” to get them to take action  (buy your stuff, sign up for something or provide contact information)

Can I have my money back if I'm unhappy with results?

If you don’t love it, I’ll take it back!

I want you to love your creation. If you are not satisfied for any reason with the final product, you may return your purchase for a refund within 30 days of receipt. Just send me an email or call me.


How does my landing page get optimized?
What is A/B Split Testing?
Can I see some examples of landing pages?
Do we need to have a face to face meeting to do this project?
For the majority of projects, a meeting in person isn’t necessary. Everything can be accomplished over the phone and the internet.

I like to communicate by text message and email or by phone. And when we need to share a computer screen so we can all see the same screen while we have the meeting I like to use Google Hangouts, Skype or

Your project will be available on my development server, or your web server while I am developing it. This way you can see what’s going on the whole time and provide your final approval when we’re done.


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