Facebook Ad Landing PageAlmost as important as the ad is the landing page the ad points to. This can be the business’ Facebook page, a particular post, or the business’ website. The importance of the landing page cannot be overlooked, as ultimately this is what’s going to sell your customers.

First and foremost, make sure your landing page is functional, especially if it’s a third-party website. Facebook will not approve ads that include a landing page that has a broken URL or that is non-functional in any way. Facebook also will not approve landing pages that have content that is not allowed by Facebook so if it’s not allowed within the ad itself, it shouldn’t be on the landing page either.

Once you know you have a Facebook-friendly landing page and that it’s fully functional, there are still a few things you have to keep in mind. The first is that it needs to be appropriate for the audience. This doesn’t just mean targeted for your target audience, but also that it should be appropriate for the type of ad that’s being run. For instance, if you’re running a mobile ad, you want to make sure it’s pointing to a mobile landing page. Otherwise, the ad itself is ineffective.

Also, if the landing page is the business’ Facebook page, you also want to make sure there’s dynamic content on that page. If there’s not, the page should be revamped before an ad is run that points to it.

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