Developing an online presence is key to your success as a new local business. The internet has really taken over the world of marketing in recent years and it’s become vital for companies of all types and sizes to maintain a strong online reputation.

The good news is, new online businesses have equal opportunities to larger, more established ones. You just need to know where to start. Here you’ll find 3 easy ways to build your online reputation.

1. Perfect your website

The number one thing that’s going to determine your online reputation is your website. It’s the hub of your online presence and is where you’ll be directing consumers to find out more about the company, to sell your products and services and contact you. Therefore, it needs to be attractive, easy to use and informative.

Look at your website from a visitor’s perspective. Can they easily find everything they need? Once you’ve perfected your site, you can then work on your marketing materials.

2. Be present on social media

You should ideally have two-three social media accounts, though starting out with just one will help you to become familiar with how it works. Social media gives consumers the chance to chat with you directly, leave reviews and find out about latest news relating to your business. A company blog is equally important. Blogging and social media together can help you to give your brand a more personal voice, which will really help to attract new customers.

3. Encourage reviews and testimonials

As a new business, reviews and testimonials are extremely critical in producing sales. Consumers today go online to see what other people have to say about businesses they haven’t used before. So having these reviews and testimonials can catapult trust in your company pretty quickly.

The one thing you need to remember is that you aren’t going to develop a strong online reputation overnight. It takes time and a lot of continuous effort to establish your business online. Need a little help? Contact me for assistance.

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