Nearly everyone in the country has an email account. In fact, many email users check their emails many times throughout the day. This makes email marketing a very effective strategy for targeting as many customers as possible in a limited amount of time.

The trick, however, is to ensure your email contact list is constantly expanding. One of the easiest ways to expand your list is to encourage your current contacts to share your emails with their friends and family.
Below are a few suggestions for effective strategies that can help to entice your subscribers to share your emails with others.

Include a Call to Action

One of the easiest ways to get your subscribers to share your emails is to ask them. Every email that you send out should have an effective call to action at the end. This section should encourage the email recipient to forward the email to a friend. Forwarding the message is the easiest and most effective way to share emails. You should also add links to your various social media networks to allow people to post you email for all their online friends and family members to see.

Refer a Friend Link

Another great way to expand your email list is to ask your subscribers to refer a friend. You should include a referral link in every email that you send. Make this form easy to fill out and only ask for an email address and name. Otherwise, the person may be leery to provide you with too much information. As each person refers a new friend, your email list will rapidly start to expand.

Give an Incentive for Sharing

One of the most effective ways to entice your current subscribers to share your emails is to offer them a reward. This could be a coupon or discount off their and their friend’s next purchase, a VIP look at an upcoming sale, or a special preview of new goods or services that you offer. If you choose to offer an incentive, then include brief details of the reward in your call to action section of the email.

You can easily use all three of these tips in every email that you send out to increase your chances of having the subscriber share the email. Over time, your email contact list will start to grow and will continue to increase as long as you continue to utilize these marketing strategies. This will allow you to reach a greater audience with each email and will increase traffic to your store.

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