One of the greatest ways of increasing traffic is to post your email messages on your website or on Facebook, since those who read your message are more likely to be a targeted and interested audience.

Merely copying and pasting your message isn’t enough however, which is where the true meaning of repurposing comes in. You want your message to fit in with the media.

Things to Consider when Repurposing Your Email Content

Adding your email message to your website can bring in extra traffic, but in order for that to happen, you need to make it SEO-friendly. Find an appropriate keyword that tells what your email message is all about and insert it in the title and one or two places in the content. While you are at it, check to see if including that keyword in one or more of the articles already on your website makes sense. Anything that helps the search engines find you is a positive.

You can leave your message as is, and incorporate it in a “Latest News” or “Newsletters” feature of your website, but it is best to add links to and from other pages and sources of interest. Instead of leaving it completely as is however, you might want to polish it up a bit and remove any irrelevant sections. Have each email message on a separate page.

Check your messages as you send them out to see which might be good candidates as blogs. Your weekly message to your customer base (or fan base) can serve a dual purpose: as an email, and as a blog. Reformat your message where needed so it looks like a blog, and add a graphic or two while you are at it.

Don’t hesitate to rewrite the entire email message if that would seem to make sense. Almost anything you write tends to look a little stiff, wordy, or in need of polishing when you reread it a day or two later. Now is your chance to do it right the second time!

Tame Them Down and Spruce Them Up

Many, and perhaps most, of the emails you send out will go into the trash, whether read or not. That is to be expected. What you don’t want to happen is to have a visitor to your website go elsewhere because the emails you have repurposed are boring, irrelevant, or have too much of a hard sell approach. Tame them down, spruce them up, and by all means, make them interesting and informative.

The whole purpose of repurposing is to bring in extra traffic. If you simply post your messages as they stand, they are not likely to make a difference and could even serve as a detriment. If on the other hand, they fit in nicely with the rest of your content, the difference could be significant over time.

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