First of all, reducing the number of email unsubscribes should not be on your list of high priority items unless the number of unsubscribes appears to be abnormally high, or has for some reason suddenly spiked. You will be better off focusing on how to increase the number of positive responses than worrying about unsubscribes.

In most cases, people unsubscribe to emails because they have no use for the product or service being offered, although it may take months before they get tired of assigning the mail to the trash bin and actually take the time to unsubscribe. When this happens, all it usually means is that your list of targeted traffic may have wandered somewhat off base.

If your recipients are receiving emails from you every single day,, they will soon begin to look at them as doing little more than clogging up their inboxes no matter how relevant or compelling your messages may be.

If you are throwing out a huge net in hopes of catching a few fish, or in other words, you are trying to offer something to everyone, people are not going to take the time to sift through your messages to see if they contain something of interest.

Unsubscribe rates tend to be quite low, and if your campaign is going well, are usually not worth being concerned about. If they appear higher than they should be, which is admittedly somewhat subjective, or if there is a sudden spike, you will want to make an effort to find out why.

Tips for Reducing Unsubscribes:
Rather than worrying about the number of unsubscribes, focus on doing these 5 things that will keep people from wanting to unsubscribe:

1. Make your list of recipients a targeted list. Target those who you would expect to have a definite interest in your product or service.
2. If you are offering several product lines that are dissimilar, consider using separate targeted lists for each one.
3. Do not send irrelevant messages. Stick to the point. If you want to include your “quote for the day”, fine, but stick to the point.
4. Do not flood people with frequent emails, no matter how great your product is. Once a week or once a month is often enough. Offer a weekly special or a monthly special. People will get tired of reading about your daily specials.

If you focus on sending the right messages to the right people at a reasonable rate, your customer base will grow and the unsubscribe issue will take care of itself.

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