Modern-day email subscribers receive more messages in a day than they have time for, and this does not even take spam into account. This means, as a marketer, you have to find ways to ensure potential customers do not delete your email messages before they can read them. It is also vital that readers of your mail make purchasing decisions.

There are several things you can do to make your emails stand out.

1. Keep Emails Short

Emails themselves should be short and to the point. Keep it simple; include only one topic per message, so that readers stay focused. Recipients will be less likely to read a long, complex email than a short, informative one. If the email is content-based, you can use the PS section to make an offer to the recipient.

2. Use Effective Subject Lines

You should write a subject line that will arouse the interest of your recipient. The objective of the subject line is only to get the email open. So, avoid too many details that do not invoke interest to find out more about the mail.

If your recipient can decipher the message in your 10 character subject line, keep it that way. Very brief subject lines have a higher open rate than longer ones. However, be short, but not vague, as recipients will not bother to open a message if they cannot easily figure out its subject.

3. Include a Personal Touch

Personalizing mail makes its recipient feel that you know them and take personal interest in them. Thus, address your recipients by their first names. Avoid the aloofness and generalizations associated with machine-generated mail.

Avoid the non-reply types of messaging, particularly if you are interested in engaging your recipients. What if a recipient is interested in your product, but some details that can influence a purchasing decision are not clear? How does the recipient have all the unclear issues fixed? Provide a reply opportunity and see your mail recipients buy more.

4. Proofread Messages

Always ensure your mail is free of grammar and spelling mistakes before sending it. Have several people proofread each message. This provides you an opportunity to catch an error or oversight that may cause you to lose face before thousands of potential buyers.

There is always a chance that some recipients did not read your mail because they never saw it. Some may have skipped over it, while others may not have been online at the time of receipt. Thus, do not hesitate to resend your mail to such recipients.

You want your emails to stand out among the many that an individual receives each day. Writing interesting subject lines, addressing recipients personally, and taking extra care to avoid mistakes will help you accomplish this.

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