There are a handful of key performance indicators that should be tracked when utilizing email as a form of marketing and advertising.

Just like any area in your business, your email should have established goals that are tracked to ensure you are receiving the most out of your marketing.

Below you will find 6 metrics that are helpful to establish tracking your email content.

1. Bounce Rate

Tracking your bounce rate helps to eliminate or lower the way your company looks to an ISP. Basically if you have a high bounce rate you may look like a spammer and decrease your marketability through email. A bounce rate will measure how many emails that were sent that could be delivered.

2. Click Through Rate

A click through rate is by far one of the most important KPIs to track. It will allow you to calculate the performance of each email you send out. The goal of tracking a click through rate is to establish the amount of engagement the recipients of your emails are participating in. You are able to verify if they are interested in the service you offer or which services are more popular than others.

3. Email Forwarding Rate

Tracking how many times your current email recipients forward your emails is extremely important. This is a beneficial tool to establishing new customers. Although you are not able to identify who the emails are being forward to, you are able to establish whether or not your current customers are satisfied enough with your service to recommend it to others.

4. Conversion Rate

Tracking your conversion rate will help to identify whether your emails are effective. If you establish a call to action within the email, for example a current promotional item for purchase only through email, then you are able to establish how many consumers are actually utilizing your emails. The number of purchases equals the amount of emails being read and utilized.

In conclusion, tracking and measuring your email content is a necessary component of your marketing technique. If you are not utilizing the most out of your email advertisements there is no way of knowing whether it is working or if you need to make changes. The overall goal is to keep your current consumers while attracting new ones to your business. By establishing set goals and using tracking techniques you will increase your business.

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